What New Moms Are Really Feeling...

baby new moms toddler Apr 06, 2021

“I feel more stress and anxiety with having young kids and I worry about losing the connection with my husband.” 

“I don’t want to be a startup widow.” 

“I am more frustrated with not getting enough space for me.” 

“I want to make sure I don’t disappear.” 

“I am more sleep deprived and don’t have a lot of energy left for my dear husband.” 

“I want to learn how to let go a little bit.” 

“I feel like my whole life is scheduled.” 

I recently did talks for two different groups: a mother-infant (0 - 9 months) support group and a mother-toddler (9 months - 2 years) support group.  Working with these two amazing groups only solidified my passion to support mothers and fathers in keeping their marriages/relationships alive.  This is not only crucial for the couple’s sake, but for the individual partners within the couple.  In addition, the children receive important benefits of having loving, connected parents, and a connected family as a whole. 

Biggest Challenges and Deepest Desires for your Marriage/Relationship:

My primary goal was to understand and begin to find solutions for:

1) Their biggest challenges for their marriage/relationship after having children; and 2) Their deepest desires for their marriage after they went from couple to family.  Hearing their responses and seeing the connections and engagement amongst the group members was the best part!  Just knowing they weren’t alone was very helpful and encouraging for these moms. 

If you are a mom, dad or couple who are pregnant up to having children who are 5-years-old, please leave a comment below with your biggest challenge and your biggest desire for your marriage/relationship after you’ve had children.        

In addition, your feedback can help the greater community and help me create more important tips and education for individuals and couples who want to keep their love alive when raising young children. 

What was Most Helpful for this Group of Moms: 

These moms are not unlike a lot of other moms today trying to keep their love alive in their marriages, while putting a majority of their time and energy into their babies and toddlers. 

When I requested feedback about what was most helpful for moms coming together and discussing their challenges and desires, 

they noted two major things. . .                                                  

The majority stated how important it was to have a strong community and, “Hearing from other moms and knowing that other moms and couples have similar issues”, “I am not alone”, and . . .   

. . . understanding that a prerequisite for your loving, connected couple time, is to carve out loving and compassionate time for yourself or “Me Time”.       

P.S. Thank you for your comments and helping me generate more online tips and education to help you and other couples keep your love alive.  I really appreciate your help in this amazing community

P.S.S.  For help with me time, checkout the tip, “Feeling Resentful and Tired?  What can be done . . . "

Here’s to Building Couple Time with your family in mind,



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