Welcome to the Building Couple Time Blog!

welcome Dec 09, 2021

Welcome to Building Couple Time With Your Family in Mind! 

This is an online, educational series of tips and strategies for couples and individuals who are just starting their families, or have young kids, and want to keep their marriage/relationship alive.   

Founder, Lori J. Collins, M.S., is a Relationship Coach who has worked with thousands of couples for over twenty-five years, studied the research on the transition from couple to family, and learned from her own marriage to family transition, that this is one of the most challenging times in a marriage. On a positive note, it is also a perfect time to learn tips and strategies to keep your marriage strong. It is from Lori's personal and professional experience that learning tips and strategies for paying attention to your marriage/relationship can also directly benefit your children. When you are happy in your marriage, your children really feel it and can be happy and secure also. Here’s the formula: Happy Couples = Happy Children and Families.   

"I hope these online, brief tips and strategies will help you be more aware and take action to improve your relationship and keep it thriving.  I realize that tired parents don’t have a lot of time to read or listen to long-winded books or videos, so the blog, tips and/or videos I am creating are purposely short, so that you can read or watch in just a few minutes and take some valuable lessons away that will help you Build Couple Time With Your Family in Mind." 

"I look forward to sharing free, online tips and strategies with you to help you through this challenging time.  I also look forward to hearing your comments where you can share your struggles and successes."

"I wish you and your family the best and thank you for visiting my blog!"




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