Shared Ideas for Tired Couples with Young Kids

resources tired couples Oct 26, 2017

Resources for Tired Couples with Young Kids

I recently saw a mom in my coaching practice who was struggling with the understandable overwhelm and lack of time that comes with having 3 young children. My heart went out to her and I thought about you countless moms and dads who struggle with juggling all the balls of life while your kids are young. I’m looking forward to helping her, but it also made me think about all of you and how I can be of help to the Building Couple Time Community.

As a reminder, this is not a forum for professional counseling services, but a new place where I can provide free, online education and resources, for keeping your love alive, for moms and dads with young children. It’s also a place where I hope to build a community for all you new moms and dads out there, who can give and receive with our Building Couple Time Community.

Please consider the following comments and questions as a way to cultivate resources for you as you’re navigating your new expanded family. Please take a closer look at how you’re treating yourself and your partner, and be patient with the adjustments you are both making on a daily basis. It is common to give most of your time and energy to your children or providing for you children. Know there are many ways to carve out time and energy for you and your partner.

When I think about my client, my first thought is what resources are available to her and what resources are available to you?
How can you build in resources for two precious commodities, TIME and ENERGY?

Have you been able to adjust your expectations to your new life with children? Your attitude about this will either help you to smile and not worry so much if the dishes don’t get done on time, or the laundry pile is still there; or stress you out because you are too focused on what you SHOULD be doing, versus what’s reasonable.

What do you do for downtime for yourself, with your lover/partner, your children and your family that fill you up?

Do you have enough work-life balance? Or does work take everything you have so there’s nothing left for you or your family?

Please comment below on what you discover to be some of your most helpful resources, and where you can take action NOW to fill up. Your comments will help me to create relevant, up to date tips for you and other moms and dads.

Thank you for contributing to the Building Couple Time community,



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