One Vital Meeting to Save Your Job and Your Marriage

Building Couple Time Tip: 

One Vital Meeting to Save Your Job and Your Marriage 

What if your job depended on one vital meeting a week that you must attend or you’ll lose your job!  You would probably prioritize that meeting above everything else.  No excuses! 

Well, it’s no different with your marriage.  This is especially difficult when you have young children, you’re tired and there are many competing priorities, but here’s the deal.  In order for you to stay in touch and have a healthy, loving marriage, you must attend one vital meeting a week together, period! 

This meeting requires the two of you to carve out time, at least once a week.  You get bonuses for extra shorter meetings throughout the week.  

This meeting or down time together, is best when you both are feeling relaxed and open to listening to each other, and sharing your private thoughts, feelings and desires. 

This vital meeting is meant for you to catch up and stay connected, even if the rest of the week is hectic.  

Your company, I mean your martial partner, young children and family will definitely reap the rewards of you and your partner staying connected and loving.  Trust me, your vital couple time meeting will be provide major dividends. 

Go ahead and DREAM BIG, SET GOALS, and TAKE ACTION ON YOUR DREAMS for your marriage and family. 

Leave a comment below on how you prioritize your couple meeting on a weekly basis. 

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