Mama, You've Got This!

Mama, You’ve Got This!

There are so many unknowns and new territory to discover when you’re raising young children.  It’s no wonder you may struggle with self-doubt and guilt about your decisions.

You are not alone.  After working with Mamas with young children (newborn to 5-years-old) for the past 30 years, I’ve heard the common refrain from moms who hope they’re doing the right thing, but often struggle with the following:  “I feel guilty about (fill in the blank), “I wish I had more time and energy”, “Should I work”, “Should I be a stay-at-home mom”, “When’s the right time to stop breast feeding?” “Am I spending enough time on my marriage or relationship?”. . . and on and on.

I remember having these exact conversations with myself when my kiddies were young and, oh the battles I had with myself.

Thanks to my loving and gracious mother-in-law, Peggy (fondly known as Mrs. C.), I constantly received the messages from her that, “It’s okay and you’re okay”, “Trust your intuition”, “You’re a good mom”, and yes, “Mama, you’ve got this!”  She didn’t say this in so many words, but it was how she carried herself and modeled being a mom to her son (my husband), a Grandmother, and a mom to me.

I’m very sad to say Mrs. C. passed away last November, with all of us around her.  Her birthday is January 25th and I wanted to remember and celebrate her by sharing what I learned from her with you. 

Thank you for letting me share this with you and allowing me to cry and grieve at her loss as I write this.

Remember your role models and good, healthy women in your life.  They are all around you. 

So remember, whenever you feel a tinge of self-doubt or guilt, take a deep breath, remember the wise and beautiful women in your life, and hear Mrs. C.’s loving messages:

“It’s okay and you’re okay”,

“Trust your intuition”,

“You’re a good mom”,

“Mama, you’ve got this!”


Thank you Mrs. C. ❤️

“Love to you,”








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