Juggling Marriage, Young Children, and Work?

balance family time Nov 12, 2018

Building Couple Time Tip:  

Try a Digital Detox to Balance Work and Family Life 

When you’re “Building Couple Time With your Family in Mind” we feel that happy and healthy couples make for happy and healthy young children and families. This means, then, that although you’ve got a demanding boss, stressful deadlines, an annoying co-worker, a long commute, and even longer work hours, you must find time for your relationship! Not only will you and your partner feel better for it, but your kids will too. Listed below is a life-balancing tip to help you prioritize your partner and to keep your work life from taking over. 

Try a digital detox!

A digital detox is a simple way to secure more time for the two of you. Together with your partner, select a time at which each evening, or a few evenings a week, you’ll silence your phones and close your laptops. From this moment on, there will be no more work, and absolutely no responding to late-night emails. Although you may feel that an email is urgent, trust me, a few hours of waiting never hurt anyone. Leave it to rest and get to it first thing in the morning when your mind is at its freshest. 

Even if the kids are still awake, this digital detox will make your partnership stronger. Having two active and attentive parents will make dinners run smoother, diaper changing easier, and packing tomorrow’s lunches a total breeze. After all, the saying goes, “more hands make for light work,” and to that I’d like to add that, “cooperation makes for a content couple!” 

When the kids are finally asleep, this digital detox will also improve the quality of your alone time. With more energy left over because you’ve tackled the family tasks together, and with no screens to distract you, you’ll be able to focus on nothing but each other. Park off on the couch, bake yourselves a treat, or draw yourselves a bath. What you do is up to you, now that you have the time to do it! 

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