How to Save Your Marriage in One Step

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2018

Building Couple Time Tip:

“How to Save your Marriage in One Step” 

In this great blog post by my colleague and friend, Kim Bowen, LPC, founder of The Marriage Place, she shares how focusing on the positive in your marriage for 90 days can transform your marriage.

Now for you couples with babies and young children, I realize you both are giving a lot of attention and focus to your children.  This is important because your child/children need your love and support as they develop.  

However, you and your marriage need your positive attention to grow as well. 

Remember, when you are happy your children feel it too! 

Just go to the link below to learn Kim’s must see practice:


Please share below how you tailored these practices to your life. Thanks for sharing with our Building Couple Time Community





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