Family Play Date | Feel the Love and Laughter with Your Entire Family!

family time Jul 09, 2018

Building Couple Time Tip: 

Family Play Date:  Feel the love and laughter with your entire family! 

Yes, it’s important to carve out couple time and me time, so that your young children have parents who are happy and filled up.  Trust me, your children feel your love.  This tip is about how to have fun with your whole family, while staying connected as a couple. 

Some examples may include taking a walk to the park with your baby in the stroller or your toddler in tow, or dancing with your baby or toddler.  

Parents and children can walk and talk while taking in the fresh air and the natural sights and sounds of the trees and birds along the walk to the park.  You might even partake in a game of I spy as you walk to the park.  You can even expand I spy to include all your senses.  For example, you could say, “I spy and smell this beautiful purple rose”, or “I smell the fresh air”.  You could also I spy and see the different colors of the playground, or the different colors of the leaves on the trees.  Or you can I spy the feeling in your belly as you giggle and laugh out loud, or feel the warmth and fullness of your heart as you appreciate this moment with your family. 

Playing a game using your senses really puts you in the experience of the walk, the park, or wherever your surroundings may be with your family.  Of course, you are not looking at your cell phones during this time, because you are engaging with each other as a family. 

Once at the park, you as a couple can revel at your smiling child/children being pushed in the swing or squealing in delight as they ride down the slide.  Your child’s laughter and happiness are contagious as you smile and laugh back in response.  Couples can connect as parents as they engage with each other and their children who are laughing and playing.  

I recently had a couple who shared that their one-year-old loves to dance with mom and dad.  They started this when they discovered their daughter loved to dance.  As they described the experience to me, they were both beaming with smiles as they recalled dancing with their daughter. 

Remember that play and laughter are contagious and spread throughout the whole family.  Remember to have a fun playdate with your whole family.  Every member will feel the love and joy. 

Please leave a comment below of your favorite family activity with your baby or young children and how you stay connected as a family.  Thanks for sharing with the Building Couple Time Community





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