Carving Out Calm

balance relaxation Apr 03, 2020

Dear Moms with young children ,

While you are probably experiencing a lot of fear and uncertainty with this COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and your families especially during this time, and wanted to send you a free gift.

Just the other day, I heard a psychologist on CNN share that young children are doing the best out of all the age groups, as they get to spend more time with their parents.  However, I’m concerned about you, mom and/or your partner who may be trying to work from home while taking care of young children.

I wanted to share a free gift with you that can help relieve pressure from the stress you may be holding in your body, and provide more relaxation to get clarity on what you’re truly grateful for during this scary time.

Please feel free to share with your partner, or any other moms that would benefit from this relaxation practice.

Click here for your free gift of 20 minutes (even though I said it’s 10-15 mins, it truly is 20 minutes long) of full body relaxation and peaceful scene meditation.


Stay healthy my friends,

P.S.  Please hit reply to privately let me know how you are doing and if there are any specific topics that I can write about that will help ease your stress, add self-care, and Build Couple Time With Your Family In Mind, while also sheltering in place with your families.


Music credit: Chris Collins



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