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Online Marriage Advice and Relationship Tips for Moms and Couples with Young Kiddos 

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Lori's Mission

My mission for Building Couple Time is to provide you with:

Marriage Advice

and relationship tips for moms and couples with children up to 5-years old. 

Guilt-Free, Self-Care and Relationship-Care Tips

and strategies to keep the spark alive within yourself and your marriage/relationship. The smallest, bite-size tips to keep you and your relationship alive and flowing.

Free, Focused and Valuable Information

to enhance your marriage/relationship while the children are young for you, your partner, your children, and overall health of your family.

Building Couple Time Blog

This is an online educational series of tips and strategies for moms and couples who are just starting their families, or have young kids, and want to keep their marriage/relationship alive!

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"Be kind to yourself.

You are amazing.

You are good enough.

You are worth it." 

- Living Well Mom


Building Couple Time (including tips, tools, and strategies) is for educational and informational purposes only and not to be construed as psychotherapy. 


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